6 Common Cleaning Mistakes

Keeping a clean house is definitely a priority for all moms. Any type of stain or mess should be cleaned up right away. But sometimes we make mistakes while cleaning without realizing that they can do more harm than good.


Here are some common cleaning mistakes you should avoid:

1. Scrubbing spilled liquids out of carpets.

Scrubbing actually does more damage because it untwists the carbet fibers and makes them look distorted. This only makes the stain more permanent. To remove a liquid stain, take a cloth and dab it onto the stain. Keep dabbing clean pieces of cloth to absorb the stain until the stain is gone.

2. Using too much cleaning products.

More is not always better. Even when doing laundry, using more product actually makes your laundry smell worse. It’s always best to follow the directions on the product.

3. Using too much natural solutions.

Using natural cleaning solutions like lemon juice or vinegar are great alternatives to the products you buy from the store, but you still need to be careful on where to use them. Lemons and vinegars are natural acids that can affect surfaces differently. If you’re not sure, double check by researching online.

4. Using the wrong tool.

If you’re using a tool that’s too harsh, it can damage surfaces or make the stain worse. For example, green-backed cleaning sponges are great for cleaning heavy-duty stains like the stains on the bottoms of pots or the grill grate, but they can damage plastic or ceramic surfaces.

5. Cleaning windows on a sunny day.

Avoid doing this because the heat of the sun will quickly dry the cleaning solution you use and leave streaks on the glass. Choose to do window cleaning on a cloudy day or when it’s not too hot outside.

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