About AXO

Axo Color Safe Bleach is your partner in safely removing tough dirt and stains on colored clothes.


Axo has a color safe and fast-acting formula which helps to remove dirt and tough stains such as mud, curry, grease, motor oil, ballpen,…  without damaging your clothes and household fabrics.


Axo can be used to boost the performance of your detergent. Soaking your clothes with Axo also makes it more effective.


Axo can be used on white clothes. It is also safe to use Axo to remove stains on carpets, sofa, table cloth, curtains and other colored fabrics. In addition to keeping your clothes bright, clean and looking new, Axo is proven to have sterilization effect.



Axo, your helpful partner in getting away tough stains, also leaves a fresh and fragrant scent on your clothes and household fabrics. Axo Color Safe Bleach is now available in five different scents: Peach  (Pink), Fresh (Blue), Pine (Green), Lavender (Purple) and Mild (White – for sensitive and baby skin).