How Axo Cares for Your Laundry

Do you need tough stains removed without damaging your colored clothes? Let Axo Colorsafe Bleach do the job.


What is Colorsafe Bleach?

Stains happen to our clothes, no matter how careful we are. They come in different forms too, causing you to worry if these stains can be removed safely and effectively.
Unlike regular bleach, colorsafe bleach does not contain chlorine. Colorsafe bleach makes use of hydrogen peroxide in its formula to safely remove stains from clothes and fabrics, but without damaging the color.
Colorsafe bleach is a good addition to laundry detergent when it comes to removing stains. When you pre-treat laundry with colorsafe bleach like Axo before washing, it will do more than washing with detergent alone.
Also, colorsafe bleaches like Axo is also useful if you have to lighten or whiten an item that cannot be bleached.

How Axo cares for your clothes and fabrics

Axo Colorsafe Bleach has a fast-acting formula that is tough on stains, but gentle on your clothes and fabrics. Not only that, it also keeps colored clothes looking brighter and leaves your clothes with a pleasant scent.
Axo Colorsafe Bleach can be used in different ways to keep clothes clean and looking new. Stained clothes can be pretreated with Axo to keep stains from setting before washing as usual. Axo can also be used to soak colored clothes and boost the performance of detergent. A capful of Axo can also be added to your detergent in wash water.

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