Lưu Hải Hà

It’s not until my kids started their school that I realized how many troubles stains can make to me. They always came home from school with dirty and dingy uniforms. Ballpoint ink stains, crayon stains, ketchup stains, mud stains and sometimes event egg stains if they had eggs for their lunch. I was so tired of searching proper ways to get the stains off everyday. But how can I require them “Please, you must keep your clothes clean because I don’t want to buy you new uniform every two months”? They are kids, and kids are curious and great explorers. They only can keep their clothes clean and white if sitting still in classroom, no jumping, no going out, no playing, no discovering, no being a child! And then, I found Axo! This Color Safe Bleach is really a combination of detergent, bleach and fabric softener because it does not only remove all types of stain on my kids’ clothes but also make them bright, new looking, gentle and leave pleasant smell. Now, whenerver coming home from school and taking off clothes, my kids say loudly: “It’s Axo time!”. Yes, I love Axo and my kids love Axo, too!

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